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Post by dataguru on Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:57 pm

As many of you know Dad's Taxi and BharatBeat are linked at the hip and the creation of two of the most warped IBCD that you can find in a work environment.

Below are some great blogs that will make you say.. nice!

Desi Blogs

Blogs that authored by Indians from all over the world.

  • Dad's Taxi - Written by your truly who's ramblings are let's just say interesting. No Topic is off limits with Dad...

  • 10 Best Blogs - 10 Best Blogs on the blogsphere that pertain to Indians

  • IndiBlogger - Megasite for all Blogs that are India Based.

  • News You Can't Use - I love this blog by Deepak Iyer.. well written and excellent content.



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