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Story by Natasha M: Sledding in Holmdel Park

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Story by Natasha M: Sledding in Holmdel Park Empty Story by Natasha M: Sledding in Holmdel Park

Post by dadstaxi on Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:39 pm

STORY TIME from the Blizzard of 2010!!
I feel soo bad.... I was at "Homdel Park", and there was at
least more than 100 people sledding ova there. So the first time I go
down, my sled is very slow, but I hit a Little girl that was at least
three. I told her i was sorry, and she game me a cute smile and said,
"Its o.k!".

Next time I go down, i go on the second fastest sled, and it
keeps on spinning around so fast that i topple down the same three year
old. Well guess what? Bigger apology, smaller smile!

Now, I am very
careful and using the third fastest sled. Hit the girl again, but still
got a smaller smile.

Lastly, I am using the fastest sled we have. The
little girl is in the middle, and I'm sledding on the side! "I wont hit
her this time!" I am thinking. Big mistake. I go down, and I am
screaming and having the time of my life, until the sled goes off track,
I hit a bump, and there I am flying off the sled. Guess who I hit? The
little girl. Well I actually toppled/tackled her, and now she's giving
me the death stare. I say I am SO sorry, and then run away. I think I
made her cry, but i am not sure.

So If this is the girls parents, I


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